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Then, for the first time in three years, I paint my nails - as the chaos cranks up around me. I was hoping it would make him realise how desperately I need help, but he seems to be viewing it as an exercise in brinkmanship'He informed me, before I'd even taken my coat off, that he 'hadn't sat down all day'.

Despite getting the school uniforms ready the night before, there is the usual yelling about where stuff is and wet towels dumped on the bathroom floor. He had managed to put a few dishes into the dishwasher, picked up the clothes that scattered the house and had even bleached the loos.

I've been stewing about it since last night when I got home from work, so exhausted I could barely stand, only to discover no one had emptied the dishwasher, walked the dog or made any of the beds. Apparently so - though he still has time to take regular coffee and cigarette breaks, while ignoring the mess around him.

Today I made the decision that things have to change. I had no idea when I got married 14 years ago that I was signing up for a life of slavery - though, considering I was marrying an Italian and an only child whose late mother did everything but chew his food for him, perhaps I should have seen the writing on the wall. This was something I could cope with - just - until I went back to work in 2010, four days a week with a 6am start each day, and our entire domestic world plunged into chaos. Actually, I do; I expected Max to pull his weight at home. I know he works hard, too, but would it kill him to put a wash on, wipe a surface or prepare dinner?

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These include, among myriad other tasks, the cooking, cleaning and laundry for her photographer husband Max and their children, Zac, 13, and Mimi, nine. I have told Max I won't be doing another stroke of work around the house from tomorrow morning. I know he thinks I'm a horrible nag, but his response sums up exactly what is wrong with our domestic situation. But I don't want to be stuck in a resentful relationship where all my husband and I do is argue about housework. At 6am, I nudge Max awake; he hasn't realised it's up to him to get the children ready for school.Arrange a no strings sex meet with single and married men and women all looking for discrete sexy affairs and adult meets.UK Sex Meet offers you literally thousands of willing sex contacts (women and men) from all around the UK.Hot sexy wild horny woman seeking an older or younger man, woman or open-minded couples, for an offline meet, to get wild and naked with and share some super hot sex, indulging in some alternative lifestyle swingers fun.I find most men and women desirable and sexy and I'm only looking for casual dating for mutual fantasy fulfillment nothing serious so its okay if your single or married.