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Harry enlists Draco's help..what happens when the pawns find out they're being played?

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Then you do everything until you get the lake-scene with Draco. Exes, the sort."It still gave Hermione great satisfaction that the former adversary of all things muggle originated had finally given up on her nagging, and gotten himself a cell phone. Draco has not once looked at me as a woman, or asked me out or anything that might indicate otherwise. Harry didn't want to think about her body, as Ginny would slowly torture him to death if she'd see that on his face, and she would. Don't mumble.""He is a player."Hermione couldn't help but burst out laughing."Player? He can have anyone and he's proving that, by having them all one by one. So she wasn't the most beautiful woman in the room, but she was pretty enough with her long, wildly curly hair and dark chocolate eyes that sparkled with mischief and intellect (whenever she raised them from her books). You then automatically tell him that you cannot be together because of Pansy and he will be heartbroken. ^_^ I did this quite some time ago after finishing high school, when I had suddenly a lot of free time.;_;10 outta 10 would Snape again But really, this was a good short game. I'm trying to get into game making, so I know it must have been a good amount of work to get this complete. I never anticipated it to be so much work, but it was so much fun anyway. How to Win: Option to Chose with Pansy: I'd Rather Get to Know Him First Ingredients: Lovage (The Leaf Like Thing), Eggs (Can't Remember The Proper Name and Its The Thing That Looks Like Rocks With Fire), And a Romanian Longhorn (Its The Dust, Not The Proper Horn Because Thats a Unicorn Horn) And You Know It The Right One Because You Can See Pink Mist With Heart Shapes And Then You Can Give It Too Draco Or Snape And Btw, Just For A To Be Continued, You Probably Get F***ed By Snape Or Draco Try the second potion.