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"Ask Fun Trivia" strives to offer the best answers possible to trivia questions. We ask our submitters to thoroughly research questions and provide sources where possible. you mean animals then clearly yes, like worms, but if you mean human beings then it depends if they have the complete equipment for male or female.Most are partial hermaphrodites, especially the women as there's often no room for the complete set of womb and ovaries.Harper is unique in the sense that she speaks on this incredibly complex topic from all three aspects – science/physiology, performance and as a transgender person herself.She has been, and is, part of the various panels and groups that are exploring the issue, and so offers insights with authority and experience on what is likely to be one of Rio’s, if not sport’s, greatest ever controversies.airplay chart hits off a debut album and in 2010 garnered two Grammy awards: Best Dance Recording (“Pokerface”), Best Electronic/Dance Album (“The Fame”), plus had been nominated in three other categories: Record of the Year (“Pokerface”), Song of the Year (“Pokerface”), and Album of the Year (“The Fame”).

This has been told to me by people who have worked on films with Jamie and by one physician who claims to have seen the records at Cedars Sinai, which leads me to believe, after the whole Richard Gere affair, that Cedars must have a “coffee table” filing system that invites browsing. No one but bound by laws regarding doctor-patient confidentiality.Each has variations that shade into the neighboring point.She estimates the frequency of all sexually mosaic conditions (hermaphrodites and pseudohermaphrodites) in humans to be about 1% of the population.Feel free to post corrections or additions by signing in or using the feedback form above. As intersexed people, women can be born without their sexual organs, therefore not being able to have kids. Many intersexed women can produce high levels of sperm.