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was built around the science of meteorology…and you were one of the professional messengers delivering the news. I hear her voice reporting on the 8’s most days and I, like many of the listening area, have to decide on our day’s, evening’s, week’s plans. Weather here is like a reality TV show, drama, drama, drama.

“We love storms because of the ratings,” confessed a media friend one time. And we are truly addicted to watching and listening for the next bit of storm coming our way.

She eventually graduated with a minor in mathematics and a bachelor’s degree in meteorology.

After college, Sheena worked as an intern at Tallahassee News one of the biggest TVB markets in the US.

My sense of style boosted my confidence to be unique and make new friends no matter where I lived.

Looking my best allowed me to appear confident regardless of my timidness.

In November 2009, she was offered a job by FOX channel affiliate WTVT located in Tampa, Florida.

If you take a look at a weather app during any given week in this town, you’d think a joke was being played on us. “I think Mother Nature missed her meds,” is a running joke amongst my friends. Sometimes, you have to make game time decisions because Mother Nature suddenly decided to play nicely (or not).

For instance, I recently had a i Message back-and-forth for over an hour to decide whether or not to bring my puppy to the rooftop of the Capella Hotel because it was storming in Tysons Corner where my friend was, but we were going to meet in Georgetown a few hours later.

What better time than Valentine's Day for NBC to announce it has set Friday, April 7 (8 p.m.

ET/PT) as the premiere for executive producer Ellen De Generes' new series FIRST DATES, which takes a peek at what happens when a couple meets for the first time and romantic possibilities seem endless. format, this unique hourlong series offers an authentic look at a variety of real first dates happening over one night at the same restaurant in Chicago.