Rachel bilson dating hayden

In 2010, People magazine had reported that the couple had split."Yes, the engagement is off," reported Bilson's representatives to People.She and Hayden also recently celebrated their 10-year anniversary together. Hayden Christensen and Rachel Bilson are all smiles while stepping out for a sweet treat on Thursday afternoon (March 23) in Studio City, Calif.Speaking to a US magazine, the 31-year-old actress revealed that she hopes to have children soon.She says she doesn't wear makeup anymore because her daughter doesn't recognize her when she does.

Hayden opted for a casual look as well, with light green army pants and a Brooklyn, NYC T-shirt.

Sometime back ''The Last Kiss'' famed actress Bilson expressed her desire to resume her work life again.

It was rumored that this decision might have created some friction in the celebrity couple as the baby is still quite small and needs the attention of her mother.

And in typical celeb fashion, the pair didn't name their new bundle of joy something boring and ordinary, but they named her after a Disney princess - Briar Rose., and also from the original Grimm Brothers fairytale in 1812.

Briar Rose was the name given to Princess Aurora by the three fairies, to shelter her from Maleficent's curse.